First innovative method was performed for the French company Auer. Before the introduction of the new method, countertop stoves were produced with four operations; however, afterwards countertop stoves could be produced with only one operation.
Production started in the first big factory in Avcilar, comprised of 2,500 square meters.
Factory area reached to 10000 square meters.
Yıldız Kalıp was established as a small factory in Gümüşsuyu, Topkapi by Cemil Yildiz.
First serial production tool and part production for automotive sector was performed for Skoda 1202 Turecko which was produced in Turkey.
Serial production started for Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş. and Anadolu Isuzu.
First serial part shipment of Ford Otosan was performed.
ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 16949 Quality Management and Ford Q1 Quality Systems Certificates were taken in 2004.
First shipment of Volkswagen was performed.
QS 9000 Quality Management Certificate was received.
First tool exportation was performed to Germany.
Yildiz Kalip A.Ş. moved to the new factory building which has 54000 square meter area in Hadimkoy. In the same year, first shipment of Opel was performed.
First tool exportation to North America was performed for BMW. According to Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Yildiz Kalip was 811th in the largest 1000 companies in Turkey. An important research and development project was finished successfully. In this project, with the support of TEYDEB, we carried out a press which has robotic controls and the biggest table size in Turkey.
40th anniversary of Yildiz Kalip was celebrated. BS OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety certificate was taken. With the contributions of Yıldız Kalıp, “Cemil Yıldız CNC and Tooling Workshop” were opened in Tekirdağ Technical and Industrial Vocational High School to train students who are equipped with Turkish practical industry knowledge.
Yıldız Kalıp started to work with Adam Opel AG Company as a Tier-1 company to produce tools.
Yıldız Kalıp started to work with Daimler AG company as Tier-1 company to produce tools. R&D department of Yıldız Kalıp was approved by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and became one of 150 R&D Center in Turkey.
A R&D project, which was the changing loading system of the large tonnage mechanical presses to the flexible robotic automation, was completed. Yıldız Kalıp started to work as one of the 8 approved supplier in 4 major global projects of Ford, which was declared to the world with a motto, One Ford, by Ford.
The first robotic welding and assembly line of door panel was established.
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