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Yildiz Kalip toolshop has many important competence and consisting of Tool Processing, Tool Try-out and Assembly divisions. Besides Our Toolshop has been equipped with many important workbench as Try-out Presses and 3&5-axis CNC machining centers. The most important competencies of the Yildiz Kalip Toolshop as below;

  • Up to 50 tons tool processing capacity.
  • Maximum size of capability for die production is 6.000 mm X 2.700 mm.
  • CNC capacity is 300.000 h/y
  • CAD, CAM, CNC, Tool Assembly and Tool Try-out abilities.
  • Be able to produce Transfer, Progressive, Manuel and Skin Panel Dies.
  • Be able to offer easy solutions for difficult, complex and problematic dies.
  • Nearly half century high-level project and manufacturing experience for the automotive industry.
  • Quickly and easily measuring ability with three-dimensional optical measurement mobile devices on-site.
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