Yıldız Kalıp was established in 1969 as a small toolshop in Topkapı by the chairman of the executive board, Mr. Cemil Yıldız.

In 1979, Yıldız Kalıp A.Ş., due to its devotion and its continuously improving profile, was able to move to its first factory, a building comprising 2500 square meter in Avcılar. Mr. Cemil Yıldız, who will establish new facilities in the upcoming years, was earned a company to Turkey, which has substantially modern facilities in Avcılar (15000 square meters) and in Güneşli (10000 square meters) and is responding growing requirements of Turkey.

Yıldız Kalıp A.Ş. focuses on the customer requirements and dedicates itself to be the leader manufacturer in the topics of sheet metal forming tools and sheet metal production and assembly products. In our modern facilities, we are using latest metal fabrication equipment to maximize production, efficiency and quality.

In the fast developing market, cooperating with the main industry companies, Yıldız Kalıp A.Ş. attained a confidential, steady and substantially competitive place. Yıldız Kalıp A.Ş., which is performing sheet metal engineering and designing tools for the main automotive industry for almost half century, offers single-step solutions about value-added assemblies and sheet metals from the basic parts to the complicated assemblies. The strength of our company is based on efficient process improvements and the experiences coming from long years. This fact helps our customers to compete in the global market.

We are supporting customer focused organizational structure. Yıldız Kalıp A.Ş. knows the responsibility of decisive growth within the highest ethical standards of employees, suppliers and institutional citizenship for the society without making concessions from work environment.

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