Environment Activities

In Yıldız Kalıp there are some primary environmental activities within the context of environment law number of 2872 and environment management system as follows:

  • Classification of wastes
  • After the classification of wastes, wastes are separately collect
  • Collected wastes are store according the quality of waste in warehouse
  • Stocked wastes are removed with avaliable methods by ministry of environment and urban planning’s designated body
  • Environmental legislation is followed regularly
  • Natural resource use lowest limit
  • Essential environment and emission measurements are done which is determined particular periods by the legal regulations
  • Following environment permits and report which is for assessment of environment properly
  • Internal auditing is planned and applied yearly
  • Risk assesment perform works related with environment
  • Training employees that are environmental awareness, environmental management system, classifying waste and things to do in environmental accidents

  • Also except all of this information in our company has;
  • Using less harmful of the environment products instead of harmful of the environment products
  • Never use chemical metarial which is restricted and proscriptive by the european standarts
  • Knowing environmental factors and employees are trained about consumables and chemicals
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