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Quality Management

Yıldız Kalıp A.Ş. has an efficient quality management technique. The aim of the quality management is to provide a continuous improving system, which is suitable to the quality system standards, in every phase from the entrance of the materials to the transportation of the products for providing to manufacture proper products for customer expectations and legal regulations. Also, to increase international competition power in the sector and to provide continuous improvement, Yıldız Kalıp A.Ş. has the understanding of process oriented quality management.

With CMM and optical measurement system devices, dimensional verification and reverse engineering applications are maintained. Also destructive & non-destructive tests are performed by the quality department.

Owned Quality Management Systems

  • ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001.2004 Environment Management System
  • OHSAS 18001:1999:2007 Health and Safety Management System
  • FORD Q1 Quality System

Quality Management Principles

All of the employees are responsible for quality and quality is included in every process.

Important quality parameters are followed by SPC.

  • Error - Proof System (Poka-Yoke)
  • Kaizen
  • Continuous improvement with 5 S
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