“ARIBA 6” Solar Car Project in Istanbul Technical University - Yildiz Kalip A.S. Desing Collaboration

Istanbul Technical University solar car team (İTU-GAE) which was established by  department of electrical engineering aim to strengthen of university-industry-student triangle, to emphasize important of alternative energy resources such as solar energy in that process.
In time this team involved a lot of engineering as machine, control, electronic, metallurgical and material and they got multidisciplinary structure. Since foundation of this team, they designed as well as produced 5 Ariba toward gotten some information and experience from former members and come to higher of Ariba’s current technology.
A lot of solar cars that is designed by solar car team are in competition with other teams and they progress mercurially in national and international platforms. In that competition key to success is quality, slight and problem-free moving part components. In this direction for new solar car Ariba 6, İTU solar car team start to collaboration work with Yıldız Kalıp that is one of the most important tool company among Turkey in 13.12.2012. İTU GAE explain reasons of this collaboration with Yıldız Kalıp’s approximately 45 years automotive OEM experience and confidence of Yıldız Kalıp’s  high quality.
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