We attended sub-industry and supplier contact meeting ford motor company and magna cosma which is related with ford V363 project in North America between 14-16 May

Yıldız kalıp is one of the important global sub industry firm within ONE FORD Project that is conducted by Ford projects of V362, V363, H566 and B460. We visited Ford fabric and Magna Cosma in Kansas City. Our aim was doing some reviews and attending supplier contact meeting related with V363 project.

During the 3 days visit first of all we attended supplier contact meeting at the day of 14.05.2013 in Ford kansas city. In the meeting comparing notes mutually and submited various presentations related with works in the V363 project up to the present, current Project schedule, V363 models, aims and supplier expectations.

Had a Tier-2 supplier assessment meeting with one of the most important sub industry firm that name is Magna Cosma on the date of 16.05.2013. Upon the logistic issue some notifications were done about, quality expectations, project time plans, after the fabric tour.

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